Under 11's Challenge Cup

Games to be Played 16th September

Under 11 Challenge Cup 1st Round (26 Teams)

Losing Team will be entered into the Plate Competition

AFC Portchester Royals (Winners) .v. Whiteley Wanderers Fury
Whiteley Rangers (Winners) .v. Berewood Panthers
Uni of Portsmouth (Winners) .v. Padnell Rovers
LHL (Winners) .v. Lee Rangers Titans
Crofton Sts Lions (Winners) .v. Northend Youth
Horndean FC (Winners) .v. Stubbington Kites
FOSPS Youth (Winners) .v. Bursledon Youth
Castle United .v. Waltham Wolves Wolfpack (Winners)
Stubbington Seagulls .v. Stubbington Seahawks (Winners)
Gosport Bor. Green .v. Waltham Wolves Titans (Winners)

Rest Have Byes

Challenge Cup 2nd Round
AFC Portchester Castles v Locksheath Lions (Winners)
Waltham Wolves Wolfpack v Whiteley Rangers (Winners)
H & W Hawks v Stubbington Seashawks (Winners)
Crofton Saints Leopards (Winners) v AFC Eastney
Crofton Saints Lions v University of Portsmouth (Winners)
Gosport Bor. Blacks (Winners) v Horndean FC
FOSPS Yth v Lee Rangers Warriors (Winners)
Waltham Wolves Titans v AFC Portchester Royals (Winners)

Under 11 Challenge Cup Quarter Finals Round
Games to be played on Saturday 2nd December 2017
University of Portsmouth .v. Gosport Borough Blacks
Whiteley Wanderers Rangers .v. Winners Lee Rangers Warriors
Locksheath Lions .v. AFC Portchester Royals Winners
Crofton Saints Loeopards Winners .v. Stubbington Hawks