Under 13's League Cup

Games to be Played 16th September

Under 13 League Cup 1st Round (25 Teams)

Crofton Sts Lions 16 .v. 0 Stubbington Seasgulls
Waltham Wolves Rgs 3 .v. 1 Crofton Sts Tigers
AFC Portchester Saxons 0 .v. 7 Waltham Wolves United
AFC Dynamo 6 .v. 2 Stubbington Seahawks
Crofton Sts Panthers W/O .v. W/D Fareham Town
AFC Portchester Cts 3.v.8 Gosport Borough Whites
LHL Red 6.v.1 BWD
Uni of Ports Scholars 2 .v. 0 AFC Portchester Royals
Widbrook Storm 4.v.5 Warsash Wasps

Rest Have Byes

Under 13 League Cup 2nd Round
Gosport FC Arrows 0 v 2 H & Waterlooville
AFC Dynamo 1 v 2 Newport IoW
Waltham Wolves Rangers 1 v 7 Cowes Youth
Oaklands Rangers 15 v 0 University of Portsmouth
Gosport Bor. Blacks W/DS v W/O Gosport Bor Whites
Waltham Wolves United 4 v 2 Sarisbury Sparks
Locksheath Lions Red W/O v W/D Crofton Saints Panthers
Warsash Wasps 1 v 17 Crofton Saints Lions

Under 13 League Cup Quarter Final Round
Games to be Played on Saturday 2nd December 2017
Havant & Waterlooville 2 .v. 0 Cowes Youth
Newport IoW 14 .v. 0 Locksheath Lions
Crofton Saints Lions 2 .v. 4 Gosport Borough Whites
Waltham Wolves United 1 .v. 8 Oaklands Rangers

Date 14th April 2018
Gosport Borough Whites 2 v 1 Oaklands Rangers
Newport IoW 0 v 5 Havant and Waterlooville.

Final will take place on Saturday 5th May at AFC Portchester with a 10.00am kick off.
Havant & Waterlooville 6.v. 0 Gosport Borough Whites